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Acceptable Use Policy

As a channel manager you are responsible for the channel and seeing that your channel users and ops follow all NationCHAT Services guidelines, so READ BEFORE YOU APPLY.

Channel registration application is not a right, but a privilege granted subject to conditions.

The NationCHAT Services Guidelines approved by NationCHAT admins require that "The NationCHAT Services Committee will only register 1 channel per USER (this means user, not account or e-mail address)." Consequently, you can only register one channel on NationCHAT. Translated into language more appropriate to new services terminology, this means one channel per person, NOT username.

NationCHAT Services (X) will not be provided for any channel involved in child pornography, the trading of warez or any copywritten material including mp3's and dvd's or the illegal trading of credit cards, passwords etc. We will no longer register any channels related in any way to hacking or any type of illegal stuff. If we find any suspicious activity in your channel after registration, we will permanently remove X from the channel.

While we do not disqualify use of free email services, if we find that certain email domains are being used to abuse our guidelines we will not allow that domain to be used again.

The CSC admins do reserve the right to reject any channel registration for any reason that they deem valid.

NationCHAT Services regularly monitors all registered channels for activity. If a registered channel is not active, X will be removed from the channel. Channel managers are expected to be active in the channel. If you are gone for more than 21 days, X can be removed from the channel or in very active channels, a new channel manager can be elected by the high level ops. If you know you are going to be gone for more than 3 weeks, appoint a temporary manager and have NationCHAT Services set them up. Forms are available on the web page and #help is there to help you.

You dont need any supporters for your channel, it is called :

You are responsible for your Channel Ops whether you are online or not. Please be careful who you give access to. Abuse by your channel ops, whether you are there or not, can result in X being removed from the channel.

If you feel your channel qualifies for registration go to and FOLLOW all instructions.

December 8, 2014
NationCHAT Services Committee